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Poster: SlimeCounty Date: Apr 5, 2012 4:26pm
Forum: radioprograms Subject: Re: new OTR

Ah, well I'm afraid you may find the audio quality of Light's Out and Dimension X somewhat lacking...they relied heavily on string instruments and creaking doors for effects, and unfortunately that can make you cringe, but if you can get past it, it's still wonderful story for the Mel Blanc show, the quality is awesome...enjoy, let me know whatcha think!

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Poster: eh_ver Date: Apr 9, 2012 3:49pm
Forum: radioprograms Subject: Re: new OTR

Thanks! Will do. I hate to dicriminate. I try to at least sample a little of everything, but sometimes I get limited by what I will be doing while listening. Hard to listen to The Shadow or other horror stuff when I'm trying to sleep (random screams as I'm drifting off...not preferable) and sound qualilty is key when I'm in the van, as crisp sound is the best to combat "van sounds".